Most start ups have unique ideas and those who are able to make these ideas work in practical life, endure. We also have multiple unique ideas and one of them is presented through, developed in alignment with our vision - Adding value to peoples' life.

WOFTOS is one of the premier Indian Family Tree portal!

FAMILY, nested and woven tree of a bunch of people who are Fulfilling, Adorable, Motivating, Inspiring, Loving and completely Yours!

WOFTOS (World Of Family Trees Operating Societies) Family Tree talks about these people who keep on making difference to each moment of your life. In today's fast paced life, when human being hopes to get some breathe; his family is the one who gives him the needed support and Power to fulfill his dreams. Though we all do manage to take out a few moments for our family, our family trees are continually shrinking to become smaller and smaller day by day. We are losing out on Power! We at WOFTOS are making an attempt to give you your Power back...

Our mission is "Strengthening Communities through Relations."

WOFTOS provides you a highly efficient platform to create and maintain your family trees, not only for you, but also for all the generations to come. WOFTOS takes responsibility and is committed to ensure that your family trees are Whole, Complete and Perfect through our channel of really caring Relationship Managers.

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